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Somewhere between countless shows, line-up changes, an ever evolving sound and a lot of miles in the underbelly, These Automatic Changers have finally found their way. 3 years after bassist Lee Catlin and guitarist/vocalist Solomon Cole started playing gigs around the city as T.A.C. (after the demise of their previous band Payola),the duo started over with a new vision, a new guitarist, and the gift of a future to be made on the eve of their then debut album HAVE MERCY in 2014.

The sound of Have Mercy came from everywhere and nowhere-it carved a crudely drawn map and embarks on a aural road trip through the shallows of blues music; from 70’s inspired satanic blues, chest thumping Neanderthal rock tone to swaggering proto-swing sneer straight from the archives and catalogues of any vintage and retro lover of rock music .

For 9 months, Cole, Catlin, drummer Phil Peters, and former guitarist Daniel May holed up in an inner city studio together, to piece together a group of songs that would be their calling card. In this studio in Eden Terrace — they built their first album as a new band from the ground up.

Stuart Hodkinson since replaced long time T.A.C. guitarist Daniel May, bringing a new found sense of melody and finesse to the quartet. “Stu knew how to listen when he played, and embellish on the spot” Cole says, “there was a new intuition and ability to watch our eye signals as we’re really going to delve into an idea.” With Hodkinson on board, the band rehearsed in Eden Terrace at the Native Audio (formerly Air-force Studios), quickly pulling together the live show and learning to play the album itself once completed.

Have Mercy blended a raw sexual energy, a meltdown of their previous songs, but forging a style that encompasses everything T.A.C. is meant to represent going forward. The agitator distorted Ampeg bass sound, the acoustic driven blues interludes, edgy early Sabbath swing , the raw unfetted blues rock guitar tone, Have Mercy makes for powerful listening. The title of the album, a term garnered from an early blues chant, and a simple term to represent the current state of play in today’s doom and gloom, T.A.C. positions itself now on the edge of dimness but never quite delves in too far.

With songs of end of times, revelations, conspiracies, and lost souls, Have Mercy navigated much sensitive ground.The album was a blues infused spirit soaked rendering of Anglo/American influenced rock with enough lowdown, belly in the dirt guitar grit. 

What the reviews said:

“heading back in time in a hot tub time machine to the 70s, the band has a great original sound whilst using the guitar sound and riffs of those bands of old” Wal Reid – Music Nation

“The These Automatic Changers experience is all of those untouchable greats mixed in a reverberating granite pot, broken up by chain gang style Work Songs and Blues worthy of Robert Johnson.” Music.Net.Nz

“Psychedelic, dirty, ‘come get some’ rock…” NZ Musician

“The Aucklanders’ debut album Have Mercy is rock & roll at its dirty bluesiest, primal and stonking” – Rotorua Daily Post

T.A.C. since the release of “Have Mercy” supported everyone from UK’s Pop Will Eat Itself, Uriah Heap & Ace Frehley (KISS) to a myriad of their own local tours and shows. Their songs featured in NZ Drama Filthy Rich and they began work on a new E.P. entitled “Twin Earth Rising” in 2016.


Vocals, Guitar / Solomon Cole
Guitars, BV's / Stu Hodkinson
Bass / Lee Catlin
Drums / Phil Peters








by These Automatic Changers

Twin Earth Rising E.P.

by These Automatic Changers

T.A.C are currently mixing TWIN EARTH RISING for release in 2016!



Twin Earth Rising

Hail Lazarus

4th Dimension Intervention

Hollow Earth Theory

Intestellar Boogie


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    These Automatic Changers